Sexual Assault

Another Teenage Rape Victim

“On July 29, 2015, my 17 year old daughter was raped by a teenage male passenger on a NCL cruise ship. We were on a family cruise. She did not invite this and did not know her attacker. Upon finding out, security on the ship was notified. Hours and hours of statements followed and a visit to the medical center for more hours of testing via a rape kit. My daughter was put on the Morning after Pill which made her very ill, as well as doses of antibiotics to guard against sexually transmitted diseases and a 30 day anti-HIV drug. Upon our arrival back to NYC we were introduced to NYPD and FBI, one from the Department of Justice. We were informed most likely this was not going to go prosecution because it was a case of “he said, she said”, and we were on international waters where they had no jurisdiction.
My 17 year old daughter was questioned by the FBI alone, and she has advised me of the shocking things they said to her, including how she would “ruin the boy’s life if she pursued this” they also called him a “prick” and said they would “rough him up” instead. She kept to her story, and stood firm, “she did not want this”. She also advised the FBI she wanted this teen in trouble. We, my husband, and I met with them then and were advised the same. We had requested this boy get tested for HIV, if he is negative, my daughter can stop the drug. To date, we have NO results. My daughter is in shock, afraid, and has begun therapy. Her life will never be the same, and we want our laws changed to protect victims on international waters, we want justice, and are prepared to go public.”