Books by or about ICV Members

Cruise Ship by Michael Lloyd

The cruise ship was a dream. A seagoing pleasure city. The passengers came for that dream. The young, the old, the infirm; all were welcome provided they had the money. The crew that served them were also part of the dream. Voyage after voyage she proved that dreams come true and slowly the sea became forgotten. But the sea did not forget the ship.

This book is available on Amazon.

Cruising for Trouble

Foreword by Kendall Carver, President of the International Cruise Victims Organization is complete with photos.

S.O.S. Spirit of Survival

Read the harrowing experience of the Ananias family as they almost died 4 times while escaping the Costa Concordia.

Change in the cruise line industry is demanded by this family who are seasoned cruisers. This book also highlights how people are treated after an accident or disaster by the cruise lines. The book is available on

Survival Was Only The
Beginning by Andrea Davis

To order this book, please go to the following link. A summary of her tragic story about being on the Costa Concordia can be read on the ICV website.

Triumph or Tragedy: Stories of Victims at Sea

Represents a sampling of countless stories involving tragedies which have occurred on ships and the devastation brought upon surviving victims and family members. Each story depicts despicable acts of medical malpractice, personal trauma, disappearances at sea, and cover-ups. Also each story highlights the lack of duty on the part of the cruise industry to provide adequate and timely medical care or preservation of a crime scene. The book is available on

Devils on the Deep Blue Sea

In this terrifically entertaining history, journalist Kristoffer A. Garin chronicles the cruise-ship industry, from its rise in the early sixties, to its explosion in the seventies with the hit show The Love Boat, to the current vicious consolidation wars and brazen tax dodges. Entrepreneurial genius and bare-knuckle capitalism mate with cultural kitsch as the cruise lines dodge U.S. tax, labor, and environmental laws to make unimaginable profits while bringing the world a new form of leisure. This book is available on