International Cruise Victims Association

Victims Helping Victims!

About Us

Since 2006, International Cruise Victims, Inc. (ICV) has grown to include members around the world. Our all-volunteer staff is made up almost entirely of victims or survivors of tragic events which occurred in the course of a cruise voyage. Our goal is to contribute to growing a cruise industry where passengers and crew are safe from victimization by working with Congress and other agencies and organizations to improve/increase standards, regulations, laws, and justice. ICV also offers victims a community of belonging and a voice with which they might share their stories while providing assistance to other victims as they each in turn seek to recover from the injustices they have experienced.

The Mission Of ICV Is Threefold...

  • To advocate for improved regulations, standards
    and protocols that ensure the safety of cruise ship
  • To increase public awareness of the potential
    risks as well as the rights and protections
    passengers are relinquishing to travel on a cruise
  • To provide support for passengers who have been
    the victims of crime, violence, negligence or
    other tragedies while on a cruise voyage.

2017 Ronald Reagan Policy Award presented to Kendall Carver founder of
International Cruise Victims, Inc.
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