Missing Person

Annette Mizener

Annette Mizener

  • Annette’s beaded purse that had been found with the beads missing.
  • A map of the ship covered the security’s surveillance camera.
  • The Captain did not drop rescue boats or turn the ship around for approximately 2.5 – 3 hours, and only upon being ordered to do so by the Coast Guard.
  • The water was 60 degrees.
  • A cup, given ONLY to children and Cruise Members was found in the area
  • A pen and a pad of paper were found in the area (Annette would have used this to document a potential client’s information and provide it to me upon return from the cruise.)

Annette had already collected other names and numbers of potential clients, which were found among her belongings that her parents brought back with them. Missing was the notepad!

Why was Annette’s purse removed from the scene, taken to a room, later returned and placed in the original location? Why was it wiped clean? To remove fingerprints? To the best of my knowledge, there were NO pictures taken of the crime scene, despite the presence of Carnival’s highly trained security personnel.

Annette’s parents, daughter, and a couple of other passengers, were among those responsible for finding the beads, the purse, blocking the “clean-up” of the crime scene to ensure it was roped-off, and demanding that the crew clean out the gutters, where they had been sweeping everything from the deck.

The cruise ship personnel had 2 different stories, regarding the number of drinks that Annette had consumed. The bartenders tracked the drinks consumed by those affiliated with the Hilton Group’s (Annette’s group), and actually signed the patron’s name to those individual vouchers, not requiring the patron’s authorized signatures.

On December 4, 2004, the last night of a 9-day Mexican Riviera cruise with her parents and daughter, my 37-year old wife, Annette Mizener, disappeared off the Carnival cruise ship, “The Pride”…

Some of the facts surrounding her disappearance include:

Annette and my daughter had been together all day. During that time, she had only 2 or 3 drinks. That same day, she was also among those in a Hilton Group photograph… and even won a treasure hunt award earlier that afternoon, while snorkeling. How could a person go snorkeling and win a treasure hunt award, if she was so drunk?
The FBI has NOT looked at any of the evidence (DNA) in over a year, which still remains in the laboratory. When the FBI came to my home to question ME, they specifically told me that they suspected “foul play”. Now, they say this may not be true.

Without questioning key passengers, looking at the evidence, the simple fact that the camera was deliberately covered-up, her shattered purse, all of this is totally absurd!

As far as the cruise line goes, how helpful are they? Let us view the videos of the ship, particularly the ones in the casino between 9:15 – 10:00pm, because Annette had been seen talking to a crewmember at that time.

That same crewmember lied to the FBI three (3) times, as they pointed out, regarding the time frame he had been speaking with Annette that evening. Throughout the cruise, he had been calling out the numbers at the Bingo games. She had been seen talking to him around 9:30 that evening in the casino, along with an elderly gentleman (wearing a tuxedo), who is a regular cruise ship traveler.

In order to get to the Bingo Room, you must walk through the casino. The crewmember had been asked to sit next to Annette at the last bingo call, just for “good luck”, because he would not be calling out the numbers for the last and largest bingo pot of that evening. (Annette had already won twice, when HE had previously been calling out the numbers.)

Although that crewmember was seen talking with Annette at 9:30 on the night of her disappearance, and was overheard asking him if he would be at Bingo, he failed to arrive.

Keep in mind that 10:00pm was the same time that Annette was expected to arrive for the scheduled bingo game, but she too never arrived! The FBI is also aware of this and has failed to question the couple, who had seen and overheard that 9:30pm conversation between Annette and the crewmember