Missing Person

Amy Lynn Bradley

There is a $250,000.00 REWARD for information leading to Amy’s safe return.   There is also a $50,000.00 REWARD for information leading to her verifiable location.
Amy, our beautiful 23-year-old daughter, who had recently graduated from college, vanished in the Caribbean on March 24, 1998.
My husband, son, Amy and I were leisurely traveling as a family during the time of her disappearance. The cruise ship was in the docking procedure in the port of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles.
 F.B.I. and the following day, they boarded the ship in St. Thomas.  The cruise line ‘attorney’ was present during ALL interviews, yet we were prohibited.  He was also present during our interview with the F.B.I. as well.
Again, there are so many questions that require answers…Why would a multi-million dollar cruise line not help in the search for our daughter, Amy?  To this date, the cruise line has failed to cooperate with our family by way of information or assistance.
The only known facts that we have are:  My husband and I took a cruise with our two children and returned home WITHOUT our daughter, Amy…Her brother, Brad, returned home to Virginia WITHOUT his sister.
The F.B.I. has done an extensive investigation into Amy’s background…Her friends were interviewed… our neighbors were interviewed…her co-workers and friends were interviewed. …her college coaches were also interviewed.  My husband, Ron, Brad and I took polygraph tests.
On ‘America’s Most Wanted’, the F.B.I. stated they found no reason for Amy to leave her family or cause harm to herself.  Amy took 15 rolls of film with her to make a collage for her coffee table.  While in Aruba, she bought presents for her friends back home and also sent postcards from Puerto Rico to her friends – On one postcard, she wrote, “Hey Girl, it’s gorgeous here.  We leave for Aruba tomorrow!  Take care, tell Madison and Niles hello.  I’ll be home Sat. at 10:00.  See ya, Amy.”  On another, she wrote, “Hey, it’s beautiful here.  Old San Juan has got some amazing buildings.  I am taking pictures.  Maybe you can see them at Easter?  Wish you were here.  Amy.
On the day before we left for vacation, Amy had adopted a female bulldog, and she was to pick up ‘Daisy’ when we returned from our cruise.  She had just moved into her new apartment and was starting a new job on the following Monday.  She had so many plans and was so happy about all of them.
Since the time of her disappearance, we have continued to search for our daughter and seek answers for finding her.  It is believed that there are certain individuals in the Caribbean, and possibly even in South America, who have knowledge of Amy’s disappearance.  All we want is the safe return of our daughter.  We continue to plead with anyone who may have knowledge of her whereabouts.
Please help us find our beautiful and loving daughter, Amy!  If you have or know someone who may have any information (as minor as it may seem), PLEASE, PLEASE contact us!