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International Cruise Victims, Inc. (ICV) Association, Inc.

Cruise Crimes are an international problem and occur throughout the world. Members of ICV come from countries around the world.

We urge victims of cruise crimes in this area to join our efforts. We also urge those interested in the mission of ICV to join us by registering on our website.

Until all countries throughout the world take action, passengers will continue to be at risk so we invite you to join our effort.

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    For victims of cruise ship crime –
    European Countries

    If you are a European resident and have been a victim of a crime onboard a cruise ship or ferry service or any maritime vessel, Victim Support can offer you unique help and support when you return home.

    How Victim Support can help

    We can give you support and information. If a crime has happened to you, we understand that you may experience a number of different emotions, or experience physical symptoms, following the stress and pain of experiencing a crime. These feelings are a natural response to what happened, and may not go away home or may indeed seem to worsen.

    However you’re feeling or whenever the crime took place, you can talk to someone from Victim Support in complete confidence. Our workers are specially trained to listen and understand. We can help, whether or not you reported the crime to the local police. Our services are free of charge, and are structured to meet individual needs.

    We can also give useful information to help you deal with some of the problems a crime has caused and we can offer practical help too.

    Our offices are open for phone calls

    Victim Support Europe
    Rue Froissart 123-133
    1040 Brussels, Belgium
    T: 0032 (0) 23 46 04 55

    8:00am – 8:00pm Monday–Friday
    9:00am – 5:00pm on Saturdays